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Technis is a French-Swiss technology company that provides a sensor-to-dashboard comprehensive solution for real-time infrastructure performance management. We are constantly improving our offer to deliver a seamless customer experience and a positive impact on your business.

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Our story

Q3 2014

Technis idea is born

Technis invents the connected mat, for use in sports.

Q2 2016

Technis foundation and incorporation

The first connected mats for counting are offered to event customers.

Q1 2020

Stop&Go, go for growth

To meet the needs of gauges in public spaces, Technis couples the counting mat with a terminal to manage flows in real time.

Q4 2020

Carrefour deployment

We deliver more than 200 metering solutions to 50 customer sites in 5 days, including self-installation.

Q1 2021

Cameras integration

We set up a network of partners manufacturers of counting cameras to cover all the requests of the customers.

Q2 2021

Multi-data integration

We open the platform to other sensors (environmental, socio-demographic analysis, customer journey tracking) to reinforce the business information processed by our solution.


We serve clients thank to our partners

Our solution and our support respond to the problems of each industry by providing a unified collection and processing of indicators and real-time dashboards by business issue..

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