Why smart flooring solutions ?

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  • A large amount of technology is deployed to understand the activity of people’s flow  in an infrastructure (energy, walking behavior, fall detection, cost optimization). Smart flooring adresses these challenges.


  • Current technologies such as camera-based systems reach good precision but are intrusive and require delicate calibration and are also not suitable to facilities with variable spatial arrangement.


  • Today most infrastructures rely on estimations made by staff or several distinct sensors that do not offer enough actionable information in real-time due to their lack of multifunctionality.

Smart flooring technology has embedded sensors underneath the floor that can recognize any events on it (falls, direction, walking speed, etc…).

Technis' technology

smart flooring sol connecté hardware

Hardware - Smart Floor

There are two main components in Technis smart flooring :

  • Pressure sensors on the floor are used to sense all the events you can imagine. The precise technology allows Technis to capture all the valuable data used in Technis’ Artificial Intelligence.
  • Electronic components developed by Technis scan large surface at a very high speed to sense everything on the floor. It has the ability to adapt to all size surfaces, whether it’s an entire room, an entrance/exit, for any desired dimension.


Technis gathers all of the raw data and performs digital filtering prior to sending data to the Technis Cloud.

smart flooring sol connecté artificial intelligence

Software - Artificial Intelligence

At Technis, we use AI methods to recognize and classify the different events that happen on our sensitive surfaces. The flexibility and ability to learn new patterns make our model very robust and powerful and offer limitless application possibilities.

There are two levels of intelligence at Technis :

  • AI developed for recognition of patterns on the floor (impact of foot, wheels, tracking people, fall detection, etc…) is pivotal to deliver Technis’ analytics.
  • Data crossing layer (integration of external data provided by other sensors or humans) to optimize the situation more precisely  (Business Intelligence).

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