Introducing the Outdoor SmartMat by Technis: The NEW waterproof solution for your outdoor events!

After months of intensive work, the Technis team is proud to launch our new waterproof Outdoor SmartMat. We’re particularly excited about this innovative product, because we know how useful it will be for your upcoming outdoor events. Here’s why we think you’ll love this high-tech carpet solution, which offers real-time data on your flow of visitors…

A strategic choice for any indoor/outdoor event, large or small

If you are an event organizer, the Outdoor SmartMat gives you a unique and measurable view of your theme park, sports events, home-and-garden show, gem and jewelry show, or arts festival. Caroline Lecuyer, events sales manager at Technis, emphasizes the fact that you can have a global vision of what is happening both indoors and outdoors.

Now, with Technis’ Outdoor SmartMat, you can install a counting solution around strategic areas, so you can measure the attractiveness of certain events. For example, let’s say you are the event organizer for an outdoor home-and-garden show, which also features specific zones
for high-end art, luxury jewelry and crafts, entertainment, and a food court. Lecuyer notes, “It’s easy to use Outdoor SmartMats to measure the number of visitors in any specific area.” The bonus? Our new Outdoor SmartMats are waterproof, so you’ll get a constant flow of data – no matter the weather – and gain useful insights on your event’s success.

Here’s an example: Paris Plage is an ephemeral event in Paris that transforms the riverbanks of the Seine into a relaxing space for the city’s residents and visitors. City crews spend time (and money) setting up sun umbrellas and deckchairs as well as organizing cultural events and sports activities. How many people take advantage of these amenities? What changes should be made? How successful is this event? Without measurable counting data, city officials have no objective information on the event’s success. Installing Outdoor SmartMats at various strategic points would make it possible to quantify the event, gain a wide variety of insights, and make creative adjustments to assure greater success.

“Our waterproof Outdoor SmartMats are a hyper-flexible solution for
festivals, swimming pools, fan zones during sports events, ephemeral
theme parks, and all types of outdoor events,” Lecuyer says. “Above all,
you get access to real-time counting data, regardless of the event
landscape – and regardless of the weather.”

Keep in mind, real-time counting data means you get instant feedback and insights on the different areas of your event. This means you can quickly make adjustments to any zone – or to the layout of your entire event – to address last-minute reorganizations or unexpected difficulties. For example:

  • Do you need to add signage to encourage attendees to visit an overlooked, too-quiet area?
  • Do you need to add another ticket kiosk to get people into your event more quickly – and shorten the line at the current kiosk?
  • Do you need to move a high-interest activity away from a busy parking lot due to safety concerns?

This flow-management solutions also offers these insights:

  • In addition to finding out the exact number of people in certain areas or in your entire event, you can learn the main routes of people flow.
  • You can have a clear understanding of your event’s most popular attractions.
  • You will know when it’s time to clean restrooms by knowing the number of visits since the last cleaning.
  • You can gain security and safety insights, particularly for events where there are multiple entrances and exits.

This high-tech carpet solution is flexible and mobile! You can follow a moving event such as the Tour de France by taking your Outdoor SmartMats with you from one site to the next. More than just summer events, the Outdoor SmartMat is suitable for rainy days any time of the year as well as snowy winter days. With virtually no limits, Technis’ latest innovation opens up flow- management solutions to almost every possibility.

Here’s why we’re so excited about this new Technis product…

What’s new about Technis’ Outdoor SmartMat compared to other flooring solutions? First, we took great care to improve the packaging and the casing by improving the visual appearance of the mat as well as the connection box. In order to make this Outdoor SmartMat waterproof, we needed to close all interfaces to the outside world. This included the towers of the mat as well as the housing, which now has a seal to prevent water from reaching the electronics.

Our hardware manager Martin Jobin adds, “We also improved the user experience during installation. Since the visual system has been covered, you will no longer hear a click when two mats connect.”

The technical strength of the outdoor mat is IP55 certified. This means that Technis’ Outdoor SmartMat is rain resistant, but cannot be installed in standing water.

To enhance water resistance, our research team carried out numerous tests. First, we tested this innovative product in our offices with water propulsion, then soaked the Outdoor SmartMats in water tanks to determine the number of minutes of water resistance. After these conclusive tests, we started to experiment outdoors – including in the garden of one of our employees!

We also extensively tested our Outdoor SmartMat at the outdoor entrance of the Metropole Centre in Lausanne, Switzerland. Given its many passages in the city center of Lausanne, the situations in real environments were legion. Everything went smoothly, and our waterproof Outdoor SmartMat passed all tests with flying colors!

We’re excited about our new waterproof Outdoor SmartMat – and would love to show you how it works.

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Why collect visitor count and foot traffic data? The many benefits may surprise you!

Why collect visitor count and foot traffic data? The many benefits may surprise you!

While companies around the world are implementing counting solutions in their facilities, you might not be aware of the many benefits of this strategic technology – and how it can help your company save money and increase revenue.

First, what does “counting” mean? Companies often need to count the number of individuals walking through a defined passage. Also, they may need to know how many people are entering or leaving, so direction is considered as well.

Today several technologies exist to count people including smart mats, cameras, 3D sensors, infrared, Bluetooth, and even GPS location data. Each technology offers pros and cons, depending on the application and the information needed. For example:

  • When using a camera, this identifies a human being.
  • When using infrared, this technology counts each time its laser beam is interrupted.
  • When using a smart mat, the footfall is counted.

One application of visitor counts that immediately springs to mind is the COVID-19 crisis, since all types of companies and shops needed to know (and limit) the number of people in their building to comply with local restrictions.

Smart mats provide foot traffic data, which gives you actionable data.

Given the many types of counting technology available, only smart mats offer precise foot traffic data, which leads to actionable insights. A wide variety of industries are implementing this counting solution including event management, retail, restaurant, real estate, hospitality, and entertainment.

Typically, with footfall data your company can get answers to questions such as:

  • How many people visited at specific times?
  • What was the duration of these visits?
  • Which days and times are the most popular? Least popular?
  • Which zones are most heavily used by visitors?

By getting answers to these questions, companies are empowered to make better and more informed decisions. For example, let’s say you operate a chain of large grocery stores. You can optimize staffing based on past data and future forecasting. This way, you can ensure there will not be days when the store is empty of customers and full of staff. On the other hand, there won’t be days when the store is full of customers, with only limited staff to provide service.

Clearly, this staffing example equates to cost savings. In addition, having actionable data can impact revenue, since the consumer experience is improved, and they’ll visit your stores more frequently.

Here is another idea: A counting technology coupled with a visual display is a powerful tool to inform your visitors. For example, by implementing a footfall solution, you can calculate queue length and show your customers the waiting time on a screen. Sharing real-time information about current occupancy while managing visitors with “Stop” and “Go” can help you manage special events or everyday operations. Again, the improved consumer experience can lead to more frequent visits and an increase in sales.

Keep in mind, you can count foot traffic in one building or multiple buildings. You can also count visitor traffic in each zone of a building. For example, having sensors at the entrance of a mall as well as the entrance of each store will give you a “per zone occupancy.” The multi-zone data helps you to understand the shopper path.

Armed with precise, real-time data, you can actively monitor the flow of people. For example, if your facility’s space is limited, you can set up an alert when a certain threshold is reached – and react quickly when the alarm is sounded.

By capturing a variety of visitor count and foot traffic data, you can manage the real-time flow of visitors, gain rich insights from the data, and make better, more strategic choices to optimize your asset.

Make the right choice – install an advanced foot traffic solution.

Installing sensors that capture footfall can give you a wealth of objective data. The small investment in this advanced technology is paid back by the actionable data you get in return, which can lead to significant cost savings along with insights to increase revenue.

Count on us. We count for you.

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Technis in the top 5 of the most prominent startups in retail

Technis in the top 5 of the most prominent startups in retail

Technis is honored to appear in the top 5 of the most prominent startups in retail!

The relevance of our technology is highlighted by StartUs Insights, which also notes our non-intrusive plug & play approach, enabling resource-optimization for our clients:

5 Top Footfall Analysis Solutions Impacting the Retail Sector

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