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04 October 2021 16:05 GMT


It is a new tool that could make life easier for traders, now forced to juggle social distancing rules within their brands. Specific tiles, installed inside and outside the store, can count the number of customers making their purchases, in order to precisely limit the number of people in the store.

Since Monday, the stores are gradually reopening. But inside, you have to make sure that customers can respect social distancing. Some now use special tiles, which count the number of people entering and leaving.

It will be much more reliable than a manual count. Especially when the store has five or six entrances on two or three floors. These are tiles that are installed at each of the doors (inside and outside). They will analyze everything that passes over it. And being able to tell the difference between a cart, someone coming in, an animal or someone going out.

This makes it possible to count the comings and goings and to know, at all times, how many people there are in the store. When the maximum is reached, a message is displayed on the reception terminals. Or we warn the security guards to make the new arrivals wait.

It will take some getting used to, but it never feels good to be stuck in front of a store.

Yes, it’s true. But the system will have the advantage of being open to the outside world. So we can also know how many people there are in the store. And only go shopping when there are fewer people.

Another advantage: it is less intrusive than cameras, with which there is always a risk of surveillance, of recording images. Whereas with tiles, at worst, you will only know your size.

Are there already stores using them?

It’s only starting. Until now, this kind of technology has been found mostly at large trade shows. With the pandemic, they have been adapted to our neighborhood businesses. We could also find them in public transport, to avoid saturating the trains.

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