Technis now offers a “Stop&Go” digital terminal to complete its solution for managing the flow of people in real time.

The objective is to help companies or public places to enforce the safety gauges of fixed persons as well as possible.

Concretely, when the counting mats are installed on the ground at the entrance to the infrastructure, a person limit not to be exceeded is set via the Technis Counting application.
A digital terminal autonomously regulates the flow of people who can enter or not.
A “Stop” passage indicator system is then displayed if your carrying capacity has been reached.

coop stop&go

The terminal can also serve as a vector of communication by integrating personalized visuals, announcements of events or even promotions.

Supermarkets, head offices, public places, museums, corporate restaurants, sports halls or even universities can now regulate their flow of people simply thanks to a turnkey solution installed in 15 minutes.

More info about our solution -> Technis Stop&Go