How AI Revolutionizes Floor Surfaces?

03 December 2018 16:29 GMT


Relive the presentation made by our Co-Founder and CEO Wiktor Bourée, along with Laurent D’Andrès, Data scientist at Technis.

When it comes to superfast and multifactorial decision making, AI is an amazing tool that made a shattering entrance in the business world. At Technis, we developed an AI for, among other uses, recognition of patterns on a smart floor. Because of several components constantly nourishing it such as machine learning or manual labeling, it allows us to make more and more precise, quick and adaptable decisions to face a range of complex situations. Situations so full of different parameters that it couldn’t even be considered by a human

Here are the themes that we developed in the presentation:

  1. What are the Applications of Smart Floorings?
  2. Why Artificial Intelligence is Necessary for Analysis of Complex Data?
  3. What are the Challenges of Data Labelization for Product Development?
  4. How to Provide Consistent Service Using AI and Complex Data?
  5. What are the Trade-offs Between Noise and Data Interpretation?
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