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Technis offers a comprehensive technology ecosystem that integrates connected products with a powerful software suite. We design and deliver end-to-end solutions: hardware, software, AI and UX.

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A set of services to support you as well as possible.

Tailoring our solution to your needs

We continuously enrich our solution according to our clients’ needs and can, using our APIs, integrate additional sensors (existing or new) or set up custom dashboards.

State-of-the-art deployment and installation

We carefully plan the solution’s deployment in close collaboration with you then we deploy it, by relying on installation partners operating in the regions we cover.


Efficient project management

All our clients are supported by a member of our Solution Factory throughout complex deployments (in terms of size or technological needs).

Available and responsive support

Our multilingual support team is available to answer all your questions and assistance needs all year round, 5 days a week from 9am to 6pm. We respond to open tickets (phone or web) within the hour.

Training and experience feedback

We support our clients in becoming expert users of our solution so they can make the most of our tools and indicators. We run instructor-led sessions and provide access to self-training videos as well as reference documents through our support section.

A team dedicated to the support and maintenance of your equipment

Whether you need technical assistance or information, our dedicated team is available to answer your questions and meet your requests.

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