Improve your point of sale's impact

Analyse and optimise your customer flows with our retail solution

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Increase your customer journey's ROI

Customer flow management

Analyse the number of visitors in your business in real time and track your occupancy rates with our integrated multi-entry and multi-zone counting solution, which is fully adaptable to your site (off-ground or ground installation)

Engagement and conversion monitoring

Measure your customers's interaction with your shelved products and accurately analyse your sales funnel: consideration, engagement, purchase, and abandonment. Rethink the merchandising approach in your various points of sale, areas, corners and shelves.

Optimization of the customer journey

Identify the different customer journeys through your points of sale. Adjust your layout and staffing allocations to improve the customer experience and increase the average basket.

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Valuable decision-making support with our software suite

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Technology at the service of retail

Connected mat

The connected mat is part of our plug & play offer that allows your team to implement a counting solution in just 5 minutes. Installed under a carpet or integrated in the store's entrance flooring, it is a great non-intrusive solution for point of sale entrances/exits, pop-up stores, events or waiting lines.

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3D sensor

The 3D sensor is a counting device that uses Time-Of-Flight technology. Installed off the ground, it offers high counting reliability for heights below 3.5m.

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Counting camera

The stereoscopic camera offers richer features in terms of zone definition and transit points than the 3D sensor, and is better suited to larger installations.

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Path-tracking sensors

Sensors for tracking customers flows and socio-demographic analysis can be used to create complex dashboards to effectively manage your points of sale.

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A comprehensive solution that suits your needs

Points of sale

Analyse, control and improve the customer experience in your store.


Monitor the engagement and conversion rates of your specialised areas within your point of sale

Food and speciality retailers

Give your store managers the best tools to operationally manage their point of sale

Shopping centres

Secure your sites, benchmark their performance and make the right decisions to increase traffic


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