Technis Care
Comfort and safety solution for eldery people


We designed a discreet, innovative and reassuring solution for elderly people in medical houses to bring them comfort and security.

Our unique technology offers a much higher accuracy than competitors to ensure preventive analysis and detect changes in behavior.

Processing this data will allow you, for example, to adapt the visits of professionals (ergo, kine…), prevent falling situations or modify a medicinal treatment in order to make residents feel safe in their environment as long as possible.

User Interface

  • All the information summarized on a dashboard.
  • Automatic prioritization of issues.
healthcare computer
  • All the information, a click away.
  • Customize alerts depending on your residents.
  • Push notifications for your staff when a critical issue shows up.
phone visual healthcare

Useful for everyone


Ensure mobility and security to your residents with a non-intrusive solution, and reassure their families.

• Provide a secure environment to your residents thanks to our fall detection in real-time, 24/7.
• Automatic prioritization of the issues.
• Eliminate the risk of undeclared falls by your residents because they fear of annoying or changing of environment.

health professionals

Provide your employees with a tool specifically designed for their operational needs.

• Reduce the absenteeism of your staff.
• Train, and encourage personal development of your medical staff while reducing your turnover.
• Increase well-being at work with a useful and reassuring tool.

Institution managers

Give yourself a system that combines innovation and performance and make your institution a reference.

• Increase the efficiency of your employees.
• Reduce your costs during night.
• Stand out from other institutions with an all-in-one product: innovative, non-stigmatizing and non-intrusive.
• Increase the attractiveness of your facility thanks to the data generated by the solution.

Fall recognition and tracking technology