Introducing Smart Flooring as a Service to the world


Since 2015, Technis has transformed flooring into an intelligent platform that can sense, recognize, manage, and predict the flow of foot traffic.

Technis’ easy-to-install solution delivers precise, real-time data on what’s happening on your building’s floor through a powerful desktop and mobile interface.

Technis’ technology was developed by a small team of engineers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and has been granted 17 innovation awards.
Our team is now comprised of more than 30 people and is constantly growing.

Our Technology

By combining the high precision of a sensitive surface, equipped with more than 3000 active points per m², with artificial intelligence Technis revolutionizes people flow management.

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Our Expertise

We digitalise your surfaces offering constant innovation and attentive customer service.
We offer reliable data analytics while allowing you to cross external data on your dashboard.


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