Covid-19 Solution
Our flow-management solution is helping businesses around the world welcome employees and visitors while regulating the flow of people to respect capacity limits set by local governments. We can help your business, too! Request a free quote.


Control your flow of visitors

Simplify people flow management with an easy-to-install solution that works great for convenience stores, shops, and customers.


Dynamic display at the building entrance

A clear, easy-to-read screen displays STOP and GO messages, clearly indicating whether the customer needs to wait or may enter. The message is based on the threshold number you set and the number of people inside. You can personalize and brand the interface displays and messages.

  If the threshold has not been reached, a GO message is shown.

  If the threshold is reached, a STOP message is shown.

We paired our counting system with an innovative display

Done Terminal with a screen for interactive display Stop&Go

Done Technis Counting Cloud and Mobile App

Done The precision of our smart floor for people counting

Control all your equipped sites remotely

Done People flow management in real time

Done Manual adjustment available if needed

Example Installations

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