Solution for Business Services

Transform Your Business Services with Technis’ Data-Driven Solutions

With Technis, elevate your business services to new heights. Our data-driven platform provides insights into visitor behavior, foot traffic, and building performance, allowing you to optimize your space layout and tenant mix, reduce bottlenecks, and increase satisfaction.

With our innovative solutions for occupancy monitoring, environmental sensing, and energy consumption monitoring, Technis empowers you to create a thriving environment that fosters productivity and efficiency. Streamline your operations, enhance your customer experience, and drive success with Technis.

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Your Benefits

Meet customer expectations

Real-time data collection enables you to monitor the fluctuation of people and take corrective action to adjust staff and offerings accordingly.

Fulfill contractual commitments

Real-time data collection enables effective resource planning and anticipates the needs for seamless operations.

Maximize energy efficiency

Data collection enables you to monitor the energy consumption of your facility, providing insights to optimize energy usage and reduce operational costs.


Technis OS


One-stop-shop for hardware and software


Centralized data transformation and storage


Automatically identify anomalies via alerts


Portfolio view and data comparison


Reduce cost of manual data handling & gathering


High frequency of data point and live view


Automate internal and legal processes


Specialized team from audit to outcomes