Technis Flow

Counting and Air solutions

Manage your infrastructures with an efficient software suite. Technis Flow adapts to your specific constraints by offering you the best technological offer.

A full Plug&Play tool with an incredible user experience. Thanks to our real time and intuitive mobile, tablet & desktop app, get a tracking of air quality, gauges & analysis of your visitor’s flow within an operational excellence approach.

Counting :

Manage your visitor’s flow

Air :

Check air quality

Technis interfaces


Manage your visitor’s flow

Giving a real time information

Offering precise & adapted to all of your specific applications sensors

Optimizing your ressources’s attribution and management

Respecting your safety standards

Knowing & understanding your visitor’s flow


3D sensor

Counting camera


Check air quality

Giving a continuous physical & chemical parameters analysis

Giving objectives nuisances’s datas and real time alerts

Helping to identify nuisances’s origins

Allowing mapmaking of comfort’s assets

Setting up threshold overrun alerts

Wifi sensor

LoRa sensor

Case studies

Sciences Po

Our solutions allow a precise counting on many entrances and exists simultaneously.

Watch the Sciences Po’s safety manager video testimony.

Nestlé counting

A great tool to optimize your company restaurant or meeting room’s utilization.

Display seat’s availability in real time on your app or site using our API.

Salon agriculture

Define with us areas to analyze and secure your event in real time. 

The interface can be provided to many people at the same time with programmable alerts.

Track and analyze in real time hourly, daily, weekly or monthly indicators.

You manage your gauges and air quality of your infrastructure at a glance.

All the counting datas has been modified to respect confidentiality of our customers.

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