Software suite

Unify your real estate data with Technis’ comprehensive platform, simplifying complex and fragmented software solutions



Technis collects data from various sensors and sources to provide valuable insights.



The collected data is securely stored in Technis' cloud-based platform, where it can be easily accessed.



Technis' software processes the raw data into meaningful insights and visualizations.



We use advanced algorithms to provide actionable insights from the collected data.

Our Solutions

Concrete answers to our client’s challenges

Technis offers a versatile data collection and analysis platform that caters to a wide range of industries, to optimize their buildings and spaces for better user experiences, operational efficiency, and informed decision-making.


Boost retail profits and customer experience with Technis. Our solutions provide ROI-focused insights to enhance store value, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth.

Mall Center Point of Sale Network Corner Luxury

Real Estate

Technis boosts building performance and customer satisfaction, enabling real estate asset managers to make data-driven decisions and cut operating costs.

Real Estate Asset Manager Investor Real Estate Promoter

Facility & Office management

Technis optimizes building performance, reduces energy costs, and improves occupant experience through real-time data insights for smarter decision-making in facility and office management.

Occupant / Tenant Business Services Facility Management Co-working space


Technis optimizes operational efficiency and passenger experience through real-time data insights for the transportation industry, reducing costs, improving safety, and delivering a seamless travel experience.

Station Airport / Airline


Technis optimizes event logistics and attendee experience through real-time data insights for event organizers and venue managers, resulting in a seamless and memorable event experience.

Convention center Event organizer Exhibitor


Technis optimizes campus operations, student experience, and energy efficiency for educational institutions through real-time data insights, fostering a safe and comfortable environment for academic success.

University / Campus
More than 150 clients

Trust Us

Technis’ solution allows us to optimize space in specific building of our campus and improve visitors experience and security.
- Eric du Pasquier, Facility and Security Manager, EPFL

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