The application for supervision of the quality of your environment to maintain a high level of comfort in living and working spaces.
Solution for Facility & Office Management

Optimize Facility Management and Enhance Tenant Experience

Maximize your real estate assets profitability and customers satisfaction with Technis. Our data-driven platform provides insights into visitor behavior, foot traffic, and building performance, allowing you to optimize layout and tenant mix, reduce bottlenecks, and increase satisfaction. Let Technis help you create a thriving place that keeps visitors coming back.

Tenant & Occupant

Your Benefits

Secure your workspace

By gathering data on foot traffic and monitoring occupancy, you can ensure people’s safety while adhering to space capacity regulations.

Optimize space usage

Real-time data collection on space usage and foot traffic allows for monitoring occupancy rates at different levels of granularity and desired timeframes.

Adapt space to lease

Real-time data on occupancy rates provides valuable insights into space utilization patterns, enabling you to reassign or modify spaces to meet user needs.


Technis OS


One-stop-shop for hardware and software


Centralized data transformation and storage


Automatically identify anomalies via alerts


Portfolio view and data comparison


Reduce cost of manual data handling & gathering


High frequency of data point and live view


Automate internal and legal processes


Specialized team from audit to outcomes