Optimise your reception areas and elevate your traveler's experience to a higher level.
Solution for mobilities

Improve Traffic Flowing and Travelers Experience with Data-Driven Information

Improve airport efficiency and enhance traveler experience with Technis. Our data-driven platform offers insights into visitor behavior, traffic patterns, and space utilization, enabling you to optimize traffic flow, understand customer preferences, and ensure the best possible travel experience. Let Technis help you create a dynamic airport that encourages repeat visits.

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Your Benefits

Ensure travel experience

Data collection allows you to monitor space availability and passenger comfort through real-time analysis of lounge usage and air quality indices.

Facilitate traffic flow

Real-time data collection on passenger waiting areas’ density enables you to respond promptly to anomalies with targeted alerts.

Understand customer habits

Collect data on your customers’ behavior and pinpoint the areas where they spend the most time, to optimize your business strategy .


Technis OS


One-stop-shop for hardware and software


Centralized data transformation and storage


Automatically identify anomalies via alerts


Portfolio view and data comparison


Reduce cost of manual data handling & gathering


High frequency of data point and live view


Automate internal and legal processes


Specialized team from audit to outcomes