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Transforming Real Estate Development with Data-Driven Insights

Technis provides real estate developers with a comprehensive platform that enables them to design and manage buildings that are more energy-efficient, cost-effective, and attractive to tenants. With its cutting-edge technology and data-driven approach, Technis helps developers reduce energy consumption, improve building performance, and enhance the overall tenant experience, while also generating new revenue streams and boosting their bottom line.

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Your Benefits

Evaluate market potential

The data collection allows you to measure the catchment area, and thus give your assets a valuation of the geographical location.

Accelerate commercial leases

By digitalising your buildings, you can offer additional services to your tenants, differentiate yourself from the competition and generate additional revenue.

Maximise value property

By equipping yourself with electricity, water and gas meters, enhance the environmental impact of your property through the ESG label.


Technis OS


One-stop-shop for hardware and software


Centralized data transformation and storage


Automatically identify anomalies via alerts


Portfolio view and data comparison


Reduce cost of manual data handling & gathering


High frequency of data point and live view


Automate internal and legal processes


Specialized team from audit to outcomes