Provides actionable insights into customer behavior in retail spaces, enabling operators to enhance the customer experience.
Solution for corner and shops-in-shop

Elevate Your Customer Experience with Technis’ In-Store Analytics

Technis offers a comprehensive solution for Corners and Shops-in-Shops to measure engagement on products and services. Our solution is based on advanced data acquisition techniques, such as 3D stereo cameras and occupancy sensors, to provide a detailed understanding of customer behavior and product performance.

With Technis, you can easily monitor customer engagement and track product performance in real-time. Our solution provides valuable insights into customer behavior, such as dwell time, conversion rate, and product interest. This information can be used to optimize store layout, product placement, and marketing strategies, to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

By leveraging the power of advanced data acquisition techniques and analytics, Technis helps Corners and Shops-in-Shops to drive better customer engagement, improve product performance, and increase revenue. Our solution is flexible and scalable, and can be customized to fit your specific needs and requirements.

Corner and shops-in-shop manager

Your Benefits

Measure corner usage

Data collection enables monitoring of visitor traffic and usage of sales areas, particularly in locations without an internal sales force.

Optimize product placement

Data collection allows you to optimize product placement by measuring customer journey and interest to maximize merchandising.

Analyze campaign performance

Data collection allows you to measure customer journey and product appeal by gender to assess the effectiveness of your communication campaigns.


Technis OS


One-stop-shop for hardware and software


Centralized data transformation and storage


Automatically identify anomalies via alerts


Portfolio view and data comparison


Reduce cost of manual data handling & gathering


High frequency of data point and live view


Automate internal and legal processes


Specialized team from audit to outcomes