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A tool to allow you to pilot your fleet activity on a large scale.

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Analyse your transportation network’s performances

A reliable counting system

Counting data in transportation must be accurate and is highly strategic for our partners. Therefore, we offer some of the best sensors on the market to ensure reliable passenger counting. You can analyse your fleet’s occupancy rate in real time, the passenger flow at various stops and every performance indicators  specific to your business.

An integrated mobile solution

Our system also integrates GPS data specific to each equipped rolling stock to make it a fully remote solution. Access the data wherever you are and oversee your fleet.

A cartographic monitoring tool

Coupled with a powerful visualisation tool, the counting and location data offers a precise mapping of your network. You can oversee your fleet in real time to manage and reallocate ressources essential.

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Valuable decision-making support with our software suite

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Technology to meet your mobility challenges

Connected mat

  • Very easy to install Plug&Play system
  • Scalable
  • Non-intrusive
  • Two way counting with over 98% accuracy
  • Available in both indoor and outdoor versions
  • Delivery in days to your site

Counting camera

  • GDPR compliant
  • Optic technology
  • Local data processing
  • Available in both indoor and outdoor versions
  • Over 99% of accuracy
  • Can be installed up to 6 meters high

Wi-Fi sensor

  • Available KPIs: humidity and temperature
  • Battery or mains power supply
  • Several months of battery life
  • High-precision measurement
  • 1 value per minute maximum


A comprehensive solution for all stakeholders of your transport network.


All of our data is available via API. You can thus alert your passengers in real time, or allow them to consult the position of a vehicle or the state of the network via a secure interface. Your service is closer than ever to your users.


Our air quality metering and analysis systems can be applied to stationary assets as well. The control of traffic in your infrastructures or in your points of sale and the quality of your ambient air are essential to ensure an optimal level of safety and comfort for your users.


Managing your fleet is at the heart of the Technis Mobility solution. The location of each vehicle, its actual schedule and the flow of visitors at each stop can be consulted in real time on a single platform. Data analysis allows you to obtain advanced performance indicators on your various communication channels.


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